B-25 Mitchell WW2 Bomber “Maid In The Shade”

On June 1, 2018, Santa Fe, New Mexico, I had the rare opportunity to “Hitch A Ride” on a B-25 Mitchell WW2 Bomber Maid In The Shade.”  The Arizona Commemorative Air Force (AZCAF) owns the aircraft and tours the United States and Canada offering rides to enthusiasts.  This aircraft was stationed in Corsica in 1944 and flew 15 missions over southern Italy in WW2.  After the war, the plane changed hands with many different owners.  When the AZCAF took ownership, the plane was in Minnesota.  The aircraft was in terrible condition.  They had to ferry the plane from Minnesota, stopping and landing every 100 miles to add oil to the engines, to Texas to house in a hangar for restoration.  With volunteers spending thousands of hours working on this plane, restoration was completed after 28 years!  What a piece of history to share with today’s generations!  If you ever get a chance to fly with the AZCAF in one of their restored WW2 aircraft, do it!  I assure you, it will be a lifetime event you will never forget.

Many thanks and credit to Jeannie for her assistance in shooting pictures and videos.  She helped to make the event special.

I would like to share this great event with you through videos and pictures we took.  We don’t pretend to be professional photographers.  Just a couple of people taking videos and pictures with their cell phones on an exciting day.

VIDEO LINK  Videos of “Maid In The Shade”

PICTURES LINK Pictures of “Maid In The Shade”

VIDEO CLIP Actual Documentary – Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25 Raid over Tokyo

Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Event – Santa Fe

7.15.17  Just before we left Santa Fe, Jeannie introduced me to the Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Event at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds.  The Horse Shelter is dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected horses throughout New Mexico.  At this particular event, trainer’s donated their time to training rescued horses prior to adoption by the public for new homes.  It was a fun event and a great sight to see these horses find new homes.

Jeannie has been an avid supporter of these horses for many years.  If you would like more information on this worthwhile cause, feel free to visit their website at: TheHorseShelter.org

PBS Video Special on horses from October 16, 2013


Statement of The Horse Shelter on the Subject of Horse Slaughter

19 August, 2013

The Horse Shelter exists to serve and improve the lives of as many of New Mexico’s abused, abandoned and neglected horses as possible. Congruent with our mission we strongly support alternatives to the slaughter of horses for human consumption or other purposes.  Instead, we advocate for population control and humane euthanasia to be legislated into practice and receive public funding.

Heading out of Santa Fe………..

On July 17, we left Santa Fe to begin a 4,000 mile road trip over the next three months.  Wyoming, South Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona and back to New Mexico.  Made a recent re-acquaintance with a wonderful gal, Jeannie.  She shares my same spirit of adventure.  Willingness to seek new experiences.  Visit different places.  We truly enjoy each other’s company and look forward to the journey ahead.

First leg of the trip towing my Lance trailer is from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Box Elder, South Dakota.  We are heading to the land of the Lakota Sioux.  To revisit the land where my mother and her family grew up.  South Dakota.  I will establish residency in South Dakota by naming South Dakota as my new Domicile.

Jeannie and I will have a couple interim stops along the way.  Visiting old friends in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  And finally catch up meeting a couple of cousins on my Mother’s side of the family in South Dakota.

National Geographic Magazine 2017 World Legacy Award Winner, Sense of Place: Santa Fe

Published on Mar 10, 2017

Sense of Place — recognizing excellence in enhancing sense of place and authenticity, including support for the protection of historical monuments, archaeological sites, cultural events, indigenous heritage and artistic traditions.
City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA — If American pioneers from more than a century ago were to visit Santa Fe’s central plaza today, they would recognize it instantly. The oldest state capital in America considers safeguarding its rich heritage a duty and a passion. The historic downtown and surrounding area protect archaeological sites and cultural authenticity, including the Santa Fe Indian Market, now almost 100 years old and still going strong. Santa Fe’s annual festivals and events place Native American, Spanish, and Anglo heritage front and center, while strong sustainability initiatives also bring the past into the future.  Full credit to National Geographic Magazine

I leave for Santa Fe July 1.  My journey begins.

On the Trail of Billy the Kid

A New Mexico National Scenic Byway tracks the life and times of a notorious outlaw for a compelling lesson in frontier history I’m one of those people who needs only the flimsiest of excuses…

Source: On the Trail of Billy the Kid

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