A Travel Trailer Named Lance


Trailer sits on a lot in Boise, Idaho.  Waiting for a new owner to hook up and set sail.  Previous owner took pride of ownership.  Only four years old, trailer has aged well.  Built solid. Built tough.  Designed to withstand the weather of four seasons.  Stands tall with a factory 7″ lift kit to go off road and explore the unknown.  Delivers a large kitchen and large bedroom.  Over sized windows to bring the outside……..inside.  Ready to go.  To perhaps retrace the steps of places where the trailer has been, ready to explore places new.

I like what I see.  I put down a deposit.  Time to “Saddle Up” my Ford Expedition and pick up in two weeks.  Back to Boise.  I have found my new travel trailer.

Dealer Showdown in Phoenix

When you buy a travel trailer from a dealer, as the buyer, you have reasonable expectations of purchasing a trailer that is clean and in good working order.  The dealer is supposed to be the expert with RV skills that exceed mine.  That is what I thought on Friday, August 19 as I headed south 300 miles to pick up a used toyhauler I was buying from a dealer in Phoenix.   Continue reading “Dealer Showdown in Phoenix”

Travel Trailers Are Not Made For Tall People

Having spent some time with my 2009 Nash 22H trailer, I have come to the foregone conclusion, “Travel Trailers Are Not Made For Tall People.”  I really liked the well built Nash trailer.  Problem is, I stand 6’4″.  I could not stand straight up in the shower stall.  The 74″ queen bed was too short.  And with 6’6″ headroom, I could not easily walk around inside the trailer with a baseball cap on, let alone my cowboy hat! Continue reading “Travel Trailers Are Not Made For Tall People”

I Pick Up My New Trailer

On May 11, 2016, I drove 638 miles from my home in Las Vegas to Dennis Dillon RV in Boise, Idaho.  I bought a 2009 Nash 22H.  Nash has a reputation for building a strong, rugged, off road trailer that is well insulated for all four seasons.  Fully self contained, this 24′ trailer is complete with kitchen, queen bed, couch, dinette, full bath and a 160 watt solar panel on the roof for off the grid camping.  It was a great trip up Highway 93 through the Great Basin Valley of eastern Nevada. Continue reading “I Pick Up My New Trailer”

Road to Nowhere

I drive eastbound on I-84 from Boise to Salt Lake City.  I have my new trailer in tow.  Everything is going well.  Truck and trailer are towing straight and true.  It is late afternoon.  Beautiful, sunny day.  Enjoying the scenic surrounding snow capped mountains that surround this remote valley.  Glance at the gas gauge.  Little more than a 1/4 tank.  Should be more than enough gas to the next exit.  Quick glance at a road sign.  Next gas stop and exit, 68 miles.  Quick mental calculation.  I am going to run out of gas.  Yes, I have a pocketful of Roadside Assistance cards to call for help.  Fact of the matter is, I am going to be stopped, alongside the highway out of gas.  I get angry.  First trip with my trailer and I make this dumb mistake.  I press on. Continue reading “Road to Nowhere”

Yosemite National Park

Another great video by Andrew Julian on Vimeo.  Yosemite National Park is at the top of my Destination “Punchlist!”

Gone Tomorrow – Lambchop

This was their last night on the continent
The production was shutting down
Drinks and goodbyes were had all around
The wine tasted like sunshine in the basement.

The fire it almost starts itself
Looks like water comes from somewhere else
And I can use a thing or two today

Sometimes I find things on the street
Exchange the shiny ones for something we can eat
You can find me behind the stadium
Along the course of the purling river

The fire it almost starts itself
Looks like water comes from somewhere else
And I can use a thing or two today

And a bowl outside fills itself with rain
And I will get along with something less