We Roll Into Box Elder, South Dakota

7.19.17  Jeannie and I rolled into Box Elder, South Dakota and camped at Americas Mailbox, Inc.  With the decision to RV full time, I needed to establish a new Domicile, state residency.  There are three states, Texas, Florida and South Dakota that allow RV Fulltimers the opportunity to establish a new Domicile.  I chose South Dakota.  The irony is that this is the state where my Mom and her family were born and raised.  More on that story later.

By establishing a new Domicile in South Dakota, I needed a new mail forwarding address, new driver’s licence and new plates for my truck and trailer.  We stayed at Americas Mailbox, Inc., a company that assists full time RV’ers establish new residency and Domicile in South Dakota.

Wow!  Americas Mailbox, Inc. is a busy place.  They have an RV park where you can stay while they assist you in preparing documents for your new driver’s licence, plates and new permanent mailing address with mail forwarding services.

RV rigs of all types, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes, pulling in and leaving in a constant stream, day and night!  The RV Park was right alongside Interstate 90 at Exit 61.  The noise from the highway at night made sleeping a challenge.  However, this is an RV park where you do business, not for recreation.  The folks at America’s Mailbox, Inc. were very friendly and helpful and made the changeover to South Dakota residency easy.  Getting a new driver’s license was uneventful, took only 20 minutes.  However, we had to wait one week to get new license plates.  So, while we waited for the new licence plates, Jeannie and I decided to go exploring and check out some wonderful areas that makes South Dakota unique.


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