Hollingsworth Ranch Revisited

7.17.17 After driving 342 miles north of Santa Fe, Jeannie and I stopped for the night and camped at the historic Hollingsworth Ranch north of Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This ranch has an abstract that dates back to 1874 when the ranch home was originally built.  A tunnel from the home to the backyard provided an escape route in case of a visit by unfriendly Indians.

The Hollingsworth family included Van and his wife Alma, sons Lee and Glenn and daughter Patricia.  In 1980, my former wife Kathy and I moved to our ranch home that was about a quarter mile from the Hollingsworth ranch.  Van and Glenn were my mentors in the cattle business and taught me everything I needed to know.  In 1980 I started with 8 calves.  By 1986, I was running 350 yearlings on leased land near Falcon, Colorado.  They helped me.  I helped them.  We never kept score.  We just got the job done.

This old ranch and my former home was at the base of Table Rock mountain.  This area was rich in Indian artifacts and Alma often shared with me her historic collection of arrowheads.  Arapahoe, Cheyenne and Ute tribes lived in this valley.

In the 1980’s, this area was very rural.  Very few homes and several large cattle ranches.  The first year we lived there, we had no phone service.  The second year we shared a party telephone line with 12 other homes.

Today, it has all changed.  The large ranches are all broken up into housing subdivisions.  The days of the large-scale cattle operations are gone.

Van, Glenn and Alma have since passed on.  Their legacy still lives at their ranch. The ranch still remains intact with the family today.

During our visit, I introduced Jeannie to Patricia and her husband Pat along with my old cowboy friend Tom that ran cattle with Glenn and I.  We sat down, shared coffee and reminisced about the days long passed.  Many stories that brought smiles to our faces and some that did not.  I was so blessed to have known the Hollingsworth family.  For 6 years of my life, I had the opportunity to walk back in time and share a country lifestyle that few experience.  It was a grand time.  A chance to discover oneself and find the values of what is important in life.

The Hollingsworth Ranch today is a walk back in time.  The vacant ranch house.  The old barn, corrals and outbuildings.  It is almost surreal when remembering the days past.  Yes, there was a life before cell phones.

I share with you some photos that Jeannie and I took.  We hope you enjoy.

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