Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Event – Santa Fe

7.15.17  Just before we left Santa Fe, Jeannie introduced me to the Gimme Shelter Trainer’s Event at the Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds.  The Horse Shelter is dedicated to rescuing abused, abandoned and neglected horses throughout New Mexico.  At this particular event, trainer’s donated their time to training rescued horses prior to adoption by the public for new homes.  It was a fun event and a great sight to see these horses find new homes.

Jeannie has been an avid supporter of these horses for many years.  If you would like more information on this worthwhile cause, feel free to visit their website at:

PBS Video Special on horses from October 16, 2013

Statement of The Horse Shelter on the Subject of Horse Slaughter

19 August, 2013

The Horse Shelter exists to serve and improve the lives of as many of New Mexico’s abused, abandoned and neglected horses as possible. Congruent with our mission we strongly support alternatives to the slaughter of horses for human consumption or other purposes.  Instead, we advocate for population control and humane euthanasia to be legislated into practice and receive public funding.

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