Interior, South Dakota Train Depot

Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul & Pacific Railroad Company Depot at Interior SD, Jackson County

Photo taken June 1967
Photo Source:
It took me a long time to try and find a historical photo of the old train depot at Interior, South Dakota.  Built in 1907, this photo was taken in June of 1967.  My Mom, Ruth Overholt and her three sisters, Helen – Arlene and Maryanne along with their mother Florence (my Grandmother) and husband Martin operated a boarding hotel adjacent to this train depot during the Great Depression in the 1930’s.  This train depot and boarding hotel at Interior were torn down (or burned down) and only a foundation existed during our visit during the family reunion in 1982 (?).

When I was young, Mom told me bedtime tales of how her father (Martin) would take her to the nearby Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and buy hogs from the Indians.  Riding in the train caboose to accompany his hogs that he shipped out of this train depot, Martin would make the rail trip from this train depot in Interior to the Chicago market to sell.
One day, the Indians stole Mom’s dog to make soup, an Indian delicacy.  Martin took Mom to the Indian reservation and saved her little dog before he ended up in the soup kettle.
Mom enjoyed the Lakota Sioux Indian history and told me stories of personally meeting Dewey Beard when she was a young girl.
When he died in 1955 at the age of ninety six, Dewey Beard was the last known Lakota survivor of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, and the last known Lakota survivor of the Wounded Knee Massacre.
I have yet to find a historical photo of the old Overholt Boarding Hotel that I understood as being adjacent to the train depot.  A lot of history passed through this area in the Badlands of South Dakota.
I share this photo for my brother Jeff and cousins Pam, Jo, Debbie, Kimbra. Wende, Lars and Kaija.  Hope you enjoy.  Comments welcome.

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