Antelope Showdown

I almost learned the hard way.  Road signs like this mean something.


Oftentimes, you will see Road Signs like this with white cross memorial markers along the highway.  There is a reason.  I was driving home with my new 2012 Lance 2385 in tow behind my 2007 Ford Expedition.  I was 65 miles north of Ely, Nevada after dark.  Driving about 55mph when two young antelope jumped in front of me on the highway.  I hit the brakes, hit the horn and slowed the Expedition and trailer down to 35mph.  You don’t want to swerve and lose control.  One of the antelope ran off the highway.  I tagged the second antelope with a glancing blow at the right front corner of my truck.  I came to a full stop and turned on my flashers.  Surprisingly, no damage to the truck.  No broken headlight.  Nothing.  I was darn lucky.  In a hard braking situation, the towing characteristics of my Ford Expedition towing my Lance 2385 was exceptional.  I was able to maintain control and not end up in the ditch or in the oncoming lane on a lonely two way highway.

I share my story here with visitors to my BLOG as a warning to not drive after dark in heavily populated Wildlife Areas.  You won’t find me out there again when the sun goes down.  Glad that I am still around to share the story.

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