3700 Miles To Buy A Lance Travel Trailer


I don’t know why I had to drive 3700 miles to find the perfect travel trailer.  That is the equivalent of driving  from Las Vegas, Nevada where I currently live to Anchorage, Alaska.  I drove 3700 miles in the span of 4 months. I am now home with my new 2012 Lance 2385 travel trailer in the driveway.  I am satisfied that I have found travel trailer that will work for me to full-time for the next several years.  I will share my thoughts and comments on my new trailer in future BLOG POSTS.

How did I drive 3700 miles, you ask?  Here is the breakdown:

1300 mile RT to Boise, ID.  Bought a 2009 Nash 22H.  Decided it was too small.
500 mile RT to San Bernadino, CA.  Delivered the 2009 Nash to a new buyer.
600 mile RT to Phoenix, AZ to look at a toyhauler.  Trailer was a lemon. Dealer a crook.
1300 mile RT to Boise, ID to pickup my new 2012 Lance 2385 travel trailer.
3700 miles total


I bought both of my trailers from Dennis Dillon RV in Boise, Idaho.  Jim Reasoner, in Sales and Derek the Service Manager are “Top Drawer Guys” that went the extra mile to help me decide on a great trailer.  I find these guys honest and straight forward.  I now qualify for the Dennis Dillon RV “Frequent Flyer” program.  Or, more likely, I qualify as an idiot! 🙂  They think I will return within 6 months and buy something else.  I can only hope not.

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