Dealer Showdown in Phoenix

When you buy a travel trailer from a dealer, as the buyer, you have reasonable expectations of purchasing a trailer that is clean and in good working order.  The dealer is supposed to be the expert with RV skills that exceed mine.  That is what I thought on Friday, August 19 as I headed south 300 miles to pick up a used toyhauler I was buying from a dealer in Phoenix.  I arrived  at the dealership a 1/2 hour late, due to freeway traffic congestion that made my GPS spin like a top.  The saleslady I worked with on the phone greeted me and led me to the toyhauler I was going to buy.  This toyhauler trailer was presented to me over the phone as being in excellent condition.  The toyhauler was parked under an awning with a red carpet and velvet red ropes leading to the door of the trailer.  The saleslady announced “here is your trailer.”  First impressions were that the exterior had not been washed and cleaned.  As I stepped inside the trailer, things didn’t get any better.  As I did a quick walk through, I quickly noticed that the fiberglass shower floor pan had a 4″ diameter hole in it.  Not a crack.  A hole.  The inside of the trailer was dirty and not cleaned.  I asked the saleslady why would anybody buy a trailer with a hole in the fiberglass shower floor pan?  Don’t worry she said, we will take care of it.  What if there is further water damage underneath the shower pan?  After apologizing, the saleslady scrambled to have her service department remove the shower pan and the surrounding shower paneling.  After the shower pan was removed, there was exposed another 5″ hole in the bottom of the trailer to the ground below.  This trailer had water damage problems that had not been addressed by the previous owner and the dealership.  This trailer had not been loved by the previous owner.  This trailer had been abused.

I had seen enough.  I demanded the return of my deposit.  Of course the saleslady said I needed to talk to her sales manager.  He offered to replace the shower pan and make the repairs.  This would take one week and I would have to make a second trip to Phoenix.  No thanks.  How about if we , the dealership, buy a new shower pan and ship it to you in Vegas?  We estimate the labor for you (me) to fix it would be $835 and we will reduce the price on the trailer accordingly.  I reminded the sales manager that they presented a trailer to me over the phone and in photos that was in excellent condition and ready to go.  I told him that I was not a fixer upper buyer and had not represented myself as such.

I demanded and they returned my $500 deposit.  Big deal.  They wasted my time and I incurred the expense of a 600 miles roundtrip……………for nothing.  This was a large dealership selling new and used RV’s at multiple sales locations.  How do they stay in business?  I have no idea.

On the way home to Vegas, I started to do the math in my head.  In the past 4 months, I drove 1300 miles round trip to Boise, Idaho and bought a 2009 Nash 22H travel trailer.  I decided against keeping this trailer and drove another 500 miles round trip to San Bernadino, CA to deliver the Nash to the new buyer.  Now I was driving another 600 miles round trip to Phoenix and back and I still don’t have a trailer.  I have driven a total of 2400 miles and I still have not found a trailer.  I probably need my head examined.  I shouldn’t be this hard to find a trailer I can live with to retire and go RVing fulltime.

“Phoenix” definition “a person or thing regarded as uniquely remarkable in some respect.”

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