Travel Trailers Are Not Made For Tall People

Having spent some time with my 2009 Nash 22H trailer, I have come to the foregone conclusion, “Travel Trailers Are Not Made For Tall People.”  I really liked the well built Nash trailer.  Problem is, I stand 6’4″.  I could not stand straight up in the shower stall.  The 74″ queen bed was too short.  And with 6’6″ headroom, I could not easily walk around inside the trailer with a baseball cap on, let alone my cowboy hat!

I sold my trailer to a nice lady in California.  Angela bought my Nash trailer to start fulltiming this Fall.  Being shorter than I, she found that this trailer would be perfect for her future adventures.  I delivered the trailer to her in San Bernadino.  Driving south out of Las Vegas, I encountered  less than 1/2 mile visibility and 30mph+ wind at Baker, CA.  You cannot fully appreciate the environmental devastation of the recent California wildfires until you drive through the weather impact that I experienced.


However, the Nash trailer towed straight and true with my Ford Expedition and Blue Ox Hitch.  Had to take it slow due to the high winds.  I took me 6 1/2 hours to drive 242 miles.  This will be Angela’s first attempt with the fulltime lifestyle.  I am glad my trailer found a new home.  I wish Angela all the success as she sets out on her new adventure.  I am sure our paths will cross on the road in the future.

Now, what do I do?  I needed to find a trailer for my “Tall Person”.  They are now building travel trailers with increased headroom, some close to 7′.  However, it was frustrating to find the perfect trailer.  If the trailer had the adequate headroom, the bed was too short and vice versa.  I wanted and needed a couch.  Beds and bedrooms take up a lot of space in a small trailer.  You lose a lot of space in a small trailer just to get 8 hours of unconscious sleep.  What trailer would work for me?


After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to buy a “ToyHauler” trailer.  The reasons for my decision I will discuss on a future Blog.  Rather busy right now as I have to get ready to drive 300 miles to Phoenix next week to pick up my new trailer.  Maybe the only constant is “Change.”

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