I Pick Up My New Trailer

On May 11, 2016, I drove 638 miles from my home in Las Vegas to Dennis Dillon RV in Boise, Idaho.  I bought a 2009 Nash 22H.  Nash has a reputation for building a strong, rugged, off road trailer that is well insulated for all four seasons.  Fully self contained, this 24′ trailer is complete with kitchen, queen bed, couch, dinette, full bath and a 160 watt solar panel on the roof for off the grid camping.  It was a great trip up Highway 93 through the Great Basin Valley of eastern Nevada.  Passed through Ely, Nevada, a historic mining town.


Along the way, stopped at the historic Schellbourne Pony Express Station.  Not much there anymore.  Long since abandoned roadside building.


To the back of this building, this is all that remains of the Pony Express Station and a bygone era.


Across a dirt road, there was a  large white tank.  Don’t understand the significance.  It was just there.


On the other side of the highway was the Pony Express Station Memorial.  In 1859 these lone riders delivered the mail from St. Louis to the California Gold Fields.  Fighting weather, Indians, robbers these guys made it happen.  They were tough.


Pressed on to Boise and arrived at Dennis Dillon RV around 7:00pm.  They were closed.  My appointment to pick up my trailer was set for 10:00am the next day.


Derek, the service manager at Dennis Dillon RV, took the time and patience to walk me through the operation and maintenance of my new trailer.  Their service was top notch.


This is a picture of the 160 watt solar panel on the roof.


After four hours at the dealership, I headed back to Las Vegas.  I decided to return via Salt Lake City traveling the interstate highways.  Spent the night in my trailer at a Flying J truck stop in Utah.  Got home on May 13, 2016.  Had a lot of fun.  Now the challenge begins to make my trailer my own and livable full time within 176 square feet of space!

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